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Kilkenny Wedding Photography



With our wedding photography services, we consider the personality of the individual or team of photographers the most vital ingredient to achieving great results and amazing images. We go the extra distance so you can enjoy all aspects of the photography experience. The right personality can set the tone of the entire wedding, for you and your bridal party. We ensure a pleasant motivated team that will add to your wedding experience and enjoy spending your special day with.


Price is an important factor when deciding on a wedding poackage, but should not be the only factor. Our prices vary on the amount of photographers required, the amount of albums, hours of coverage, if the engagement shoot is required etc. We've seen many packages advertised at discounted and heard all the storied of the quality of the supplied images. Photography is the most important keepsake from your wedding day, it's important to choose the right team with the right approach.


Generally, we feel somewhere between 8-12 hours is necessary to cover an entire event properly. This area is often overlooked when choosing a wedding photographer. Discounted prices normall mean discounted hours, we've seen 4-6 hours coverage offered, this will not work as many of the vital moments will be missing.


Most events require at least two professional photographers. Our approach is to have the lead photographer focus on the Bride and Groom, including their extended families and the second shooter capturing all the surrounding action in a documentary style. Having two photographers and full coverage ensures all the special moments are documented.

Wedding Albums:

Your wedding album is your first and probably most important keepsake to share with your family for generations. Picking the right quality wedding album with the right amount of images to tell the story of your wedding day is best tangible memory from your wedding day. We supply albums with leather, hessian, natural linen, paisley and shimmer covering. We can also supply individual artwork on print, canvas, acrylic and many other materials.


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